The Jetglows Peruse Pictures of You!

Nashville, TN – 6/2/24 – Timothy Ferguson Recalls ‘Pictures of You’

There are occasions when a song will “take you somewhere”. It could be a mood or a feeling that the song creates or it could fire up your imagination as your listening.

PICTURES OF YOU is a song like that. A simple, melodic song with chiming guitars and a strong, dynamic beat. However, it also offers something more. A true story….!

Bassist, Timothy Ferguson explains……..

“I picked up my acoustic that morning. Coffee in one hand and my acoustic in the other. Almost instantly I started chording the verse in kind of an aggressive style. Then, a memory came flooding back to me. Why or what triggered it I have no idea but I was remembering sitting with my brother and the rest of my family after he returned from Vietnam. Like many during that era my brother was drafted and served in the Army. He has always been a shutter bug. A great photographer. He had purchased a 35mm camera that he always seemed to be wearing. When he returned to the states he had HUNDREDS of pictures he had taken. One evening we sat down and viewed those pictures and listened as he explained and narrated each one. He still has many of those pictures and I don’t think anyone has seen them since then.

As I was strumming the acoustic I began transferring those images and memories I had as a kid into words and lyrics. Everything that came out was real and told a true story!

He had been to Japan with his camera in hand. He was already really good at capturing the subject he wanted. During his tour he had photographed amazing shots. He had been flown in and out of VIETNAM on a Bell UH-1 helicopter. A “Huey”. Thankfully, he returned home safe. Not only did he have those incredible pictures but he had the camera he took them with. Some of the pictures had him in the shot because he used his timer. Giving him the chance to step in front of the lense. That’s where the chorus lyrics come in …… Pictures Of You….!

I feel like this song captured that memory and moment in time for me. The melody and lyrics kind of fused together. It’s sometimes difficult to tell a story in a song in less than 3 1/2 minutes. Especially if it’s full of details and feeling. This is as close as I could get. I hope this song captures something memorable for the listeners”….!

‘Pictures of You, ‘ released December 1, 2023, was the first song released by The Jetglows, The Nashville-based indie-rock band has since released eight other singles, with an upcoming album planned for later this year.

The Jetglows Are:
Travis McNabb – Drums, Todd Underwood – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Timothy Ferguson – Bass, Vocals, and Gina Partin – Guitar, Vocals

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