The Jetglows are four longtime friends whose individual careers have brought them to the top of the charts, and to stages around the world. But it all started back in the day in Phoenix, with an 8-track recorder and a dream. Now seasoned musicians, the friends have reconvened to create a musical labor of love.

The project started back in the early 1990’s when singer, songwriter Gina Partin bought a Tascam reel-to-reel tape recorder. She and some friends made a demo tape with guidance from local music guru Todd Underwood. The group included Phoenix musician Tim Ferguson (Jagged Rocks on the Perimeter) and future rock star Travis McNabb (Better Than Ezra) who has gone on to be a Nashville session ace (Sugarland, Kelly Clarkson, J Lo, Megan Moroney). Although the band broke up, the seed was planted.

Fast forward three decades. Tim talked to Gina, Gina talked to Todd, and Todd talked to Travis. It was a go. They had new songs, and a new name. With members now scattered from Florida to Nashville and Southern California, the members started sharing tracks and writing songs. They made their debut in December 2023 with the single “Pictures of You”.

The Jetglows have hit the ground running. They are consistently dropping radio-ready guitar-jangly, alt-pop perfection as tracks are completed.